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by posted 01/19/2021

A New Year!

Hey Everyone, just wanted to reach out, introduce myself, if you have not met me, I'm Chris, Donovan's dad.  I've taken over managing the kids this year.  We are really excited to be back and be able to play baseball!  


I have some experience with coaching kids, and I love the game of baseball, I've been playing in some part for almost 35 years!  That being said, it takes a village, and unfortunetly, I'm the only one who signed on to coach the kids.  if ANY of you are interested in assisting me, it would be appreciated!  Right now, the commitement of time is pretty minimal, (Sundays from 9 AM until 10 AM).  Once we get the go ahead to start having outside practices, we can work around your schedules, (I work locally and can pretty much be anywhere needed).

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